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Hi there. Welcome to my Cockapoo website. I’m Scott by the way. Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting.

Dogs, those lovable four legged friends, were always a part of my childhood. One of my earliest memories is going to go collect our Bluetick named King after one of his frequent tours in our neighborhood. He was so excited to see us you’d of thought is was us who wandered off and he just found us.

Then there was Brutus. A dog so big to a 10-year old it only made sense I could ride him. Brutus to his credit never made a peep or protest as I climbed happily on to his back. He’d just give me a look of, really I’m not a horse, then with one shake of his mighty body off I’d be on the ground laughing and he’d be on me licking and slobbering all over my face. Good memories!

I’ve many fond memories of all the dogs who joined our family over the years. Each was unique and brought their own personality to our family. Their presence made my childhood better. They were more than just mere dogs, each became a very important part of our family.

Time To Build My Family

It’s been many years since those childhood times and now I’m on a new journey. One that I’m excited and scared of at the same time. We’ve started our own family, twins to be exact.

Those first few years were complete chaos and a blur. The nighttime feedings, diapers, colds, scrapes, bruises everything times two. But as time passed we settled into a routine and it became our new normal. A normal that each of us cherishes each and every day.

With a little less chaos going on I began to reminisce about my childhood and what I’d like for my boys. One experience stood out. The companionship of a lovable four legged friend.  I was convinced our family should include a dog. Now I just needed to convince my wife.

This is where Cookie enters our lives.

Cookie The Cockapoo

What an entrance she made. I’m not sure if we were truly ready for the joy, chaos, happiness and utter madness our new little family member brought to our lives.

I quickly realized being a pet parent is much more complicated than what I remember as a child.

Pet Parenting Has Changed

What breed of dog best fits our family? Should we get a rescue? How best to socialize our dog? What’s the best way to potty train? What should we feed our new family member? And on and on went the questions.

I never remembered it being this complicated or difficult.

Somehow we stumbled our way through the process. Relying upon a recommendation from a coworker and some research we decided on a Cockapoo, Cookie. Somehow we survived the potty training stage and teething. But it didn’t stop there.

Being a pet parent is a continuous process of learning, adapting and above all being patient. Patience in the eye of the storm can be difficult and seem awful lonely. But I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. There are many of us out there in the same boat. We all just want the best for our canine family members.

Much of what you’ll find on this website will be information I’ve found helpful in providing the best home and environment for our Cockapoo family member.

A Lifetime of Learing

My boys love Cookie. Watching them play with her brings back many memories of my childhood. We’ve learned and continue to learn how as a family to make the best possible home for Cookie. My hope is you’ll find information here that will help you in creating the best possible home for your Cockapoo.

If you any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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