What Do I Need For A New Puppy? – Cockapoo Checklist

What Do I Need For A New Puppy? Cockapoo CheckList

Not so long ago we decided to take the plunge and welcome a new puppy to our family, enter Cookie the Cockapoo.

Adding a new puppy to your family as many of you know or will soon find out is no simple matter. We’ve both had dog’s in our lives before but it had been a number of years ago so we had a number of questions. Should we get a crate? What kind of toys will Cookie like. There were so many questions we just ended up creating our “What do I need for a new puppy” list and began filling it. We’re kinda into making lists around here.

While I’d like to think I had fully prepared us for Cookies arrival, I have to admit, it wasn’t the case. You’d think one of the first items on any new pup list would be cleaner, right. Well I learned the hard way. More than once really. So I’ve created this list of items I’ve determined every new cockapoo parent must have. Hopefully this list will help prepare you for your new family addition.

Collar and Leash

You’ll want an adjustable collar and a good six-foot leash.

That cute little cockapoo will grow fast, faster than you think. You can make sure the collar is never to tight by adjusting it as they grow. Check the collar fit constantly as your pup will grow fast. Surprisingly fast.


Having the correct size crate is a must. Not only does it reduce the chance of puppy pee accidents in your house but it also provides your puppy with a safe and secure place to retreat to when they want a little alone time.New Cockapoo Puppy Crate

Ideally your puppy should only have enough room to spin around in the crate and not hit their head on the top. Any more room than this and you may find them peeing in their crate. To avoid purchasing multiple crates I placed a divider in the crate. The divider gave Cookie just enough room to snuggle in as a puppy. As she grew I moved the divider back until it was no longer needed.

Dog Gates/Wire Enclosures

Limiting where your new puppy can roam is preferable in the beginning. Less mess to clean up throughout your house or apartment.

Since we were not to far removed from having toddlers scampering around our house those old baby gates in the basement worked perfectly for us. For the first few months we limited Cookies roaming area to our kitchen and living room. No rugs in either of those rooms.


At first you’re going to want to continue feeding your new cockapoo puppy the same food they’ve been eating.

New Cockapoo Puppy Food

Arriving at their new home is stressful enough for your new pup no need complicating it with a new food which may not agree with them. After they’ve settled in and become comfortable in their new home you can consider changing over to food of your choosing.

Just make sure it’s good quality food that provides for all of their nutritional requirements.

In our case we keep Cookie on the same food the breeder had feed her until she was about 9 months and then moved her over to a different food.


Your new addition will need bowls for their food and water. Stick with either stainless steel or porcelain.

When choosing the bowls make sure they’re either heavy enough to stay in place or come in a rack. Otherwise your hungry new pup will be chasing their food bowl all around the floor.

Grooming Gear

Cockapoos shed very little which means they can turn into one large matted hair ball in a short order if their coats are not groomed regularly.

Combing out your new pups coat between trips to the groomers will be required. Especially, if like me, you like the long haired shaggy Cockapoo look.  A daily brush keeps their coat mat free and will help remove dirt that will otherwise find its way into your house.

I find having an assortment of brushes and combs or combination brush is required to thoroughly brush Cookies coat. Consider getting a comb, soft bristled brush and a slicker brush to look after your new Cockapoos coat.

A good pair of clippers is a must as well. Since we like the shaggy Cockapoo look our trips to the groomers happen about every three months or so. In between trips I found we need to clip her nails.

Puppy Pads

House training your new cockapoo can be challenging and puppy pads can be a lifesaver if you don’t have easy access to the outside. As your puppy grows and gains better control of their bladder you can transition your pup to going outside. Let’s face it sometimes you just can’t make it outside at 3am.

In our case we have a big backyard so we decided not to use puppy pads. We were ever vigil in watching our new pup for signs she needed to go. For what seemed like years (more like months) we would bring Cookie outside every hour or so during the day and every three hours at night for her to go.


A good liquid cleaner is a must when bringing home any new puppy.

New Puppy Cleaner

No matter how attentive you are to your new family addition sooner or later they’re going to go where your don’t want. You just can’t avoid it in those early days (months, if we’re honest).

While normal household cleaners can take care of the mess and get rid of the smells for us mere humans your new Cockapoo pup will still be able to sniff out that urine smell. Cockapoos, all dogs for that fact, have supper sniffers compare to us. If your pup continues to smell urine in the house they’ll continue to treat that spot, your house, as their bathroom.

To totally remove the smell you’ll need an enzyme cleaner. The one we liked and found worked really well was Nature’s Miracle.

ID Tags

Don’t forget to register your new cockapoo puppy. Where we live it’s required.

A set up tags with your new pups name and registration information I find gives me peace of mind. While Cookie has never gotten loose, knock on wood, if she did there’s a better chance she’d be returned home because of the tags. If you’re concerned about the tags coming off in some areas they’ll embed the tags under your dogs skin.


A variety of toys are essential for your new puppyNew Cockapoo Puppy Toys

While we would all like to spend 24/7 with our new pup it’s just not possible. Play toys can keep that active pup entertained and busy while your off doing something else. Not to mention give them something to chew on.

Puppies chew everything. And those little sharp teeth can hurt. You’ll find out. Having a good chew toy handy is a good way to save your hands.

I swear Cookie could chew her way through steel if given enough time. We gave her a variety of toys in the beginning but found that as she matured she made short work of the soft stuffed toys. She’s a chewer if you hadn’t figured out. Now we only give her toys we know she’s going to have a tough time chewing up.


Information is the key.

As new puppy parents we have taken on the responsibility of raising our new family addition. No small task.

Understanding your puppy and what’s best for them can be challenging.

All I can say is read, read, read and ask a million questions.

First day of many

Those first days/weeks of your new pup’s arrival you’ll experience the full range of emotions. From excitement and joy to confusion and frustration.

Hopefully the list above will help you avoid some, there is no way to avoid all, of those moments of confusion and frustration.

The list is by no means complete. A true list of new puppy needs would go on forever. These are the items I found helpful in those first few days/weeks when Cookie entered our lives. If you’ve found other items to be helpful or you have questions please let me know. I’ll do my best to assist out a fellow cockapoo family.

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